Sub buffy

My mind is dominated by fantasies of surrendering to the will of a strict and cruel Master… who will teach me the true meaning of humiliation and pain. To feel a Master close to me. To hear His words of condemnation. To kneel in complete obedience. To feel his breath on my submissive flesh as i am prepared for the agony. To feel His Masterful hands preparing me for my sweet suffering; Suffering i must endure as i have sinned and deserve to be punished.

And then the fantasy is reality. The Master is waiting, impatient and eager to pass sentence. Collared and restrained i kneel before him, surrendered to His capricious will. Begging for mercy, knowing there can be none. Tortured desires of brutal leather blazing down on abdicated feminine flesh. The exquisite hopelessness of my submission. my complete obedience to Your cruelty.”

Submissive Buffy. Kneeling in obedience, Sir. Fearfully awaiting Your cruel sentence…

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